Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hudson - Future Pilot in the Making?

Paul Teutul Jr had a recent appearance in Ohio and it looks like Hudson really took to the cockpit on the flight home. The little guy looks pretty relaxed in the right seat and that big grin says it all. Daddy reported that Hudson did not want to leave.

The sky's the limit for you, Hudson Seven Teutul! Maybe someday you really will be flying airplanes.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Rachael's Boutique in Montgomery is a Hit

Paul Jr isn't the only Teutul with a business located in Montgomery, NY. Rachael's boutique is doing well - in fact so well that she has already moved to a new location. Here is the boutique information:
122 Clinton Street
Montgomery, NY 12549
(845) 457-5683

Rachael always designs fabulous window displays that are very creative and unique. So if you head to Montgomery to see Paul Jr Designs, don't forget to check out Oliver Anne while you are there. You can also follow Oliver Anne on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We've included those links here. http://www.designbyjoyce.com/pauljr/links.html

Paul Jr Designs New Shop in Montgomery, NY

Paul Teutul Jr is still putting the finishing touches on his new shop for Paul Jr Designs. The new location is:
157 Ward Street
Montgomery, NY 12549
The shop is about 5,000 square feet total space with approximately 2,000 square feet in the front dedicated to a showroom where PJD bikes and cars are displayed and merchandise is sold. Paul Jr Designs will be selling parts, doing fabrication and custom work. The new location is just 2 blocks from Oliver Anne, Rachael's boutique in Montgomery. Paul Jr feels he will be more accessible to fans at this location right off a main road. It's looking really sharp and the shop has so many of Paul Jr's personal touches!

My How the Time Has Flown By!

Yes, how the time has flown by and it's amazing how little Hudson has grown up before our eyes. Sorry for not updating this blog more often, Paul Jr Fans, but we'll try to do a better job at that. This photo of the beautiful family was from Easter 2017 when Paul Jr reported that they had brunch with the entire family. Now if you are wondering if "entire family" included Paul Sr or not, we're not sure but we are hopeful that he was a part of the gathering.

Our Paul Teutul Jr fan pages are still up at http://www.designbyjoyce.com/pauljr/ so stop in and visit us there!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

He's Here and His Name is Hudson Seven Teutul!

Huge congratulations are in order today for Paul and Rachael Teutul who welcomed their baby boy right on time ... actually on his due date of February 3, 2015. One fan commented, "Finally a Teutul who can complete a project on time!" The baby was named Hudson Seven Teutul (is that why Paul has been buying vintage Hudson automobiles?) and was 8.9 pounds and 22 inches long. Now baby makes three, and a beautiful family and I'm sure Paul and Rachael will make wonderful parents! More pics: http://www.designbyjoyce.com/pauljr/photos12.html

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Teutul Baby Watch

It won't be long now and Paul Teutul Jr will have a little "mini me" joining the family (yes, it's a boy due February 3, 2015). We are on "baby watch" and can't wait to help welcome the little one into the world. Rachael is glowing and looking as beautiful as ever, of course. See some of our baby watch pictures here: http://www.designbyjoyce.com/pauljr/photos12.html

American Chopper Returns with Shaq on December 11, 2014

Yes folks, you read that right! American Chopper is returning December 11th on the Discovery Channel. The show will feature Shaquille O'Neal, who ordered a monster-sized chopper from Orange County Choppers in January 2014 and finally took possession in November. We're not sure if this is the beginning of a new series, or just a single special show. We'll keep you posted if we get confirmation either way. Spoiler Alert! Check out pictures of Shaq and his chopper here:  http://www.designbyjoyce.com/paulsr/shaq-bike.html